Chimhavira Safaris

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When considering Overland Safaris many people too often assume "Group Travel". How wrong could you be...

Chimhavira run specialist African overland tours and safaris, meaning you will be enjoying your next Safari comfortably and safely, you get to experience the wonders of Africa while our specialists take care of the finer details of your tour.

Our dedicated staff cater for the explorer in your that wishes to gain a better knowledge and appreciation of the countries, peoples, wildlife and environments through which our tours are run. If your idea of fun is to walk through the Lesotho mountains, walk with lions or canoe the Mighty Zambezi River to name just three activities then a Chimhavira Safari is just for you.

Chimhavira are here to ensure your Safari is unforgettable and we are confident and say proudly that when your holiday is over you will leave Africa with a sense of accomplishment having traversed the open plains, desert, bush, experiences the sights, sounds and smells of our amazing African continent for yourself.

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