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Who is Africa safaris?
Africa Safaris is a registered service mark of Tulip Travel LLC. Established back in 1995, Tulip Travel is a family run business committed to providing you with the best available African safari experience. Based in Nairobi [Kenya] & San Diego [California], we can plan a safari beyond your expectations to some of the world’s most respected and revered areas. In all our safaris, we greatly emphasize on local cultures and the local environment because we believe that your understanding of these elements adds to your enjoyment through better appreciation and value of the areas being visited. To read more on how your trip to Africa with us can benefit the local African community, please read on our Conservation ethics.

How did Tulip Travel get it’s name?
Tulip Travel was named after the beautiful Tulip flower. Tulips do not naturally occur in Africa, however they have long served as an important international symbol of friendship & trust - the very same fundamentals that we have based our organization upon. The Tulip features in the company name & logo to represent our mission: Introducing travelers around the world to Africa through this friendship & trust. Africa Safaris was later registered as a service mark to use in marketing our main product – Safaris in Africa.

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